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Make Your Salon Furniture Stand Out

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If you’re looking to revamp your salon, one thing that you’ll need is a new set of furniture. Furniture can be used in so many ways in the salon environment, and it’s not just sitting around waiting for guests to come in. It’s out there doing work. There are many types of salon furniture that you can choose from.Here are some must-haves for your salon:

Salon chairs

Salon chairs are one of the essentials that every salon has to have. We carry a wide range of salon chairs from Steelcase, Knoll, and Herman Miller. These chairs can have any type of appearance that you want them to have, and they’ll come with a variety of features. For example, some may include adjustable headrests or padded armrests

Chairs with back

Chairs with backs are also a must-have because they provide additional back support and also help to keep your guests comfortable during their service. These chairs are versatile and can be used in the main salon area, but they’re also perfect for use in other areas of the salon like the pedicure stations.

Amenities such as bathroom lockers are sometimes essential because they provide extra storage space. Having extra storage space will help you keep your salon organized. If you don’t have enough storage, then it turns into a mess.

Extra tables

Extra tables are also one of the essentials that every salon must have because they provide extra seating for guests and the receptionist or hostess. These tables look good in many different styles, but they’re mostly thought of as salon furniture pieces and not as main furniture pieces.

A receiving desk is also another essential that every salon must-have. This table is typically placed near the door and used to check-in customers. It’s also the type of furniture with which a salon can display its branding since it’s often right in front of customers as they walk in.

Invest in a polish and shine

Hair washing sink

The sinks are used for hair washing and manicure. Choose one that is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion, as it would be a very unsanitary and unhygienic environment if the salon equipment was made of material that gets rusty over time. The manicure tables are designed for manicures as well as pedicures. Foreign substances can cause harm to your nails, so it’s important to choose a stainless steel table to avoid such problems. These two salon furniture items complement each other in that they both use water as part of their service.


Dryers are used to straighten hair and give volume, but the parts of the dryer can be used for a variety of things. The diffusers can be placed on the tables for manicures so that the hands will relax during pedicures, making your client’s services more enjoyable. They also create a relaxing atmosphere. The exhaust fans can also be placed on the tables for pedicures so that the client’s hands will remain cool when working on their feet.

Salon furniture should be functional as well as elegant. It’s one of the most important components in a salon. There are many different types of salon furniture out there, but the above are some of the most essential and basic ones that you’ll need for your salon. They’re not only necessary for your business, but they can also help to make your guests feel more comfortable during their services and keep your salon organized.